Smart Gives

Smart Pest is about more than pest management. We believe in building a better, stronger and kinder world. That’s why we support eight charitable works both at home and abroad, and we never stop looking for new ways to help our community.

Stopping Bedbugs at Home

Education is the most powerful tool in the fight against bedbugs. We donate our time to social work organizations and apartment communities to help teach families how to reduce infestation in vulnerable communities.

Biggs Elementary School

We’ve never forgotten our roots. We donated tables and chairs to the kindergarten classroom where our founder learned to read. We hope they’ll serve future generations for years to come.

Big Hearts for Little Hands

Through our work with the Arizona Multihousing Association, we’ve had the pleasure of working directly with Big Hearts for Little Hands. This annual outreach campaign supports women’s shelters in the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas.

St. Vincent de Paul

During the winter holidays, we organize donation campaigns to benefit St. Vincent de Paul and its community support programs.

Animal Rights

We support a variety of animal welfare causes, including the Humane Society, pet fostering and adoptions. For the past three years, we’ve been a premier sponsor of Facings of America’s Scottsdale Wine for Woofs charity event.

Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center

For several years, we’ve been proud to sponsor a child in the annual Phoenix Zoowalk for Autism Research. Our walker, “Chubs,” is severely autistic but hasn’t missed a walk in four years

World Vision

World Vision works to combat hunger, poverty and injustice in impoverished communities around the world. Through them, we’ve contributed 1/3 of the funds needed to build a water well in Africa, sponsored victims of human trafficking and donated to campaigns to support food aid and agriculture in struggling communities. We've even supported the donation of training and animals like pigs, cows and chickens to families in need to give them better nutrition and a new source of income.

Bright Island Outreach

Bright Island Outreach is a non-profit dentistry organization in the Dominican Republic. Dental health concerns are often overlooked in impoverished communities, but they can cause debilitating pain and disease. The founder of Smart Pest sits on the board of Bright Island Outreach and has had his feet on the ground in 11 of their 16 campaigns. By coordinating logistics, he maximizes the number of patients that are seen and encourages patients to come back next time with their friends in tow.

Future Outreach

These initiatives are just the beginning for Smart Pest. It’s our aspiration to expand our support for SARRC and St. Vincent de Paul. We also plan to expand our efforts fighting pest-borne pandemics like malaria and Zika.

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