Even a little pest problem is a huge headache for an apartment manager. Without immediate action, pests spread rapidly from unit to unit. Unit turnover rates go up, potential tenants flee at the first sight of pests and sanitation concerns raise the possibility of legal complaints. From apartments to senior living facilities, Smart Pest hits existing infestations hard and stops potential infestations in their tracks.

The constant activity and closely clustered resources in apartment complexes make them especially susceptible to pests. In addition to providing you with a targeted treatment plan and routine maintenance, we’ll offer tips for making your building less pest-friendly. Our techs will also give you plenty of information to pass onto your residents about what to do during treatment.

Our Apartment Services

  • General Pest Exterior and Interior Contracted Services
  • Spider Dewebbing
  • Bee and Wasp Removal
  • Specialty Roach Inspections and Treatments
  • Scorpion Blacklight Inspections
  • Scorpion Exterior and Interior Treatments
  • Bed Bug Treatments
  • K9 Bed Bug Detection
  • Carpet Beetle Treatment
  • Tick & Flea treatments
  • Bird Exclusion and Remediation
  • Rodent and Gopher Exclusion and Remediation
  • Termite Treatment and Warranty Bonds
  • Honeycomb Removal


  • What areas do your routine inspections include?
    While it can vary by contract, we typically examine both interior and exterior structures, hallways, utility rooms, laundry areas, basements, garbage collection areas and even roof ventilation areas. If we think pests may enter, nest or feed in an area, we inspect it. We may need to inspect key units if we see signs of pest activity.
  • I only have a few infested units. Will the whole building require treatment?
    When you start treating pests in one area, they often go looking for greener pastures next door. Wide treatment areas and community participation are an important element of effective pest control.
  • Are your methods safe for my tenants?
    At Smart Pest, we don't think “busting out the big guns” is the best approach for most pest situations. It’s unnecessarily toxic, expensive and disruptive. We like to combine effective protocols with tactical precision. In most cases, this means using the least toxic substances first. We'll provide clear information on what you and your tenants should expect.
  • Are a couple of cockroaches, rats or other pests anything to be worried about?
    Where there’s one, there’s usually dozens or even hundreds you can’t see. In addition to looking repulsive, pests can destroy property and pose major health risks. Cockroaches, for example, carry numerous bacteria, viruses and even parasites into homes.
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