Our Team

What Makes Smart Pest So Smart?

What do you get when you mix insatiable curiosity, a type-A personality, an obsession with customer service and fearlessness in the face of spiders? A Smart Pest employee. We are a team of pest control specialists that never stop looking for ways to make pest control easier, more effective and more affordable. You could say we love our jobs a little too much, but you get to reap the rewards of our knowledge and expertise.

Why Smarter Matters

We practice a philosophy called integrated pest management (IPM). We don’t just “spray and walk away.” IPM is based on understanding the habits and life cycles of different pests. If you know what makes them tick, you know how to get them out and keep them out.

IPM is often a multi-pronged approach. We might do things like put up physical barriers to keep pests from getting back inside, cut off access to attractive foot sources or set sneaky traps. Poisons and insecticides are used strategically and only where effective. We also give you plenty of information so you know what to do to speed things along and prevent re-infestation. It’s a safer, more effective and smarter approach to pest control.

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